Choose from Many Technologies to Connect with EMERgency24

With EMERgency24 as your central station, alarm dealers can choose from several options to connect their customers to our nationwide network of central stations, including POTS, cellular, radio and IP communication.




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Prevent False Alarms

In most communities, when a burglar alarm is activated, emergency responders are dispatched to the home to determine the cause of the signal and check on the well-being of residents.

However, some cities are experimenting with a practice called Verified Response. That means monitoring companies or alarm-system owners must confirm there is an actual intrusion that requires police response. This policy is also referred to as "Non-Response."

As an alternative to this dangerous policy, the security industry developed a widely accepted procedure called Enhanced Call Verification (ECV), which helps reduce false dispatches while still protecting tax-paying citizens. To learn more about ECV, click here.