EMERgency24 alarm monitoring service adds an extra layer of safety to your security system, whether it is a home or a business.

While a security system itself is an excellent theft deterrent, a property with a monitored security system is 15 times less likely to be burglarized compared to a home without one.


A home alarm system monitored by EMERgency24 is one of the best ways to protect your loved ones and your home should there ever be an intrusion, fire, medical emergency, gas build-up, water leak or almost any other unspeakable event.

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An alarm system monitored by EMERgency24 allows business owners to be constantly aware of any emergency situation at their facilities. Plus, business owners receive the assurance of having a team of trained monitors ready to call emergency responders should they ever be needed.

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Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) provide the means to call for help from almost anywhere in the home at the press of a button.

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Other Security Solutions

EMERgency24 offers other security solutions. A few of these are listed below: