Last Updated: February 23, 2017

Emergency 24's Privacy Mission Statement:

Emergency 24 is aware of your concerns regarding: 1) our collection of your private information; 2) what we do with it and; 3) how we secure it. We strive to maximize the protection of your personal and private data while we use it to provide you with highest-quality security services. This Privacy Policy covers our practices as they pertain to your use or your alarm company's use of the Emergency 24 website and any mobile sites or applications that we may provide to you for use and or any other media used for our collection of your private information.

Information Collected:

Emergency 24 collects and stores private information about you and the responsible parties who you identify including but not limited to the following: 1) names; 2) home or business addresses; 3) city, state and zipcode; 4) phone number(s); 5) email addresses; 6) digital information; 7) static/permanent location and/or moving/mobile locations.

For us to provide our service(s), either you or a third-party with whom you have a business relationship provides us with additional information pertaining to your alarm or protective system and/or other information required. This information includes but is not limited to the type, number and placement of alarm equipment including: panels, media, sensors, cameras, speakers, microphones, pull stations, mobile pendants, panic buttons, horns, and strobes lights.

We capture and store information regarding your alarm system's history including but not limited to: dates, times, activations, contacts, conversations, false alarms, and performance.

If your alarm system includes a video or audio component, we will capture an image, video clip, real-time video or a video stream from the premise. For audio (two-way voice or audio sensors), we will capture and record any words, conversations and/or sound(s) that are loud enough to be transmitted. When you install or authorize a third-party to install cameras and/or listening devices in or around your premise, you (not Emergency24) are responsible to insure that you are in compliance with any and all applicable laws.

If you are using a location-based device that is designed to either monitor movement within a defined space or a geo-location type device that is designed to transmit a signal to Emergency 24 as an activation for Emergency 24 to perform a prescribed response, Emergency 24 does capture and store location information. We use the location information to perform the prescribed response and to keep a record of the activation.


We use the information we collect to perform the service for which you have contracted, to keep you apprised of the state of the premise or to better inform any third-party responsibles or authority agencies regarding your state or the state of your premise and to provide you with better services.

We share your personal information with:

    1) Authorities having jurisdiction as directed by you or your third-party provider. Authorities having jurisdiction include but are not limited to: police, fire, emergency services, health service providers, security firms or guards and building management companies.

    2) Responsible Parties are people who you or your third-party provider have identified to be notified if Emergency 24 receives an activation from you, your premise, or your property.

    3) We notify your third-party provider of activations or changes in your database information.

    4) We will share your or your account's information with members of the judicial system if we receive a subpoena from a court having legal jurisdiction.

    5) If Emergency 24 was to merge with or be acquired by another business entity, your personal information would be transferred to the new entity as part of the continued service to you.

    6) We may use some of your non-personally identifiable information such as the equipment you use to converse with the manufacturer or other manufacturers or service provider with the goal of fixing an issue or providing you with better security service.


    1) We do not "rent" or "sell" your any of your personally identifiably information to any party or entity.


Emergency 24 uses several levels of security to protect your information from loss, misuse or from being changed without authorization.

    1) Any time you share personally identifiable information with Emergency 24, it is done on a secure website (https://).

    2) We require proper identification with passcodes or passwords before we allow any changes to your information.

    3) We use commercial-level security to prohibit unauthorized access to database information through the Internet although no method of data transmission is completely secure.

    4) We monitor our systems rigorously. Any time the system perceives a security issue, notices are immediately sent to the IT department to investigate although all systems are vulnerable.

    5) We use a third-party vendor for payments so we do not capture your credit card information.

    6) We use a third-party service to monitor our system security and actively search for vulnerabilities.


You can access your personal information with proper identification and passcode or password via the telephone, website or web app. depending upon the service Emergency 24 is providing. If Emergency 24 is providing normal fire, burglar and/or sensor alarm monitoring through a third-party alarm company, you may make temporary changes to contact phone numbers, hours of operation, and responsible party lists, etc. The alarm dealer is made aware of the changes and can make them permanent. Alarm system "mission-critical" information, has to be changed by the third-party alarm dealer dependent upon the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.

A very limited number of people are direct customers of Emergency 24. They can make access and make changes to their personal information after providing proper authentication and passcode or password.

If Emergency 24 is providing you with mass communication services, you or your third-party representative control all the data and changes may be made with proper identification and authorization through the website or web app.


A "cookie" is a piece of data that is stored on the user's computer by the website that the user visited. We use "cookies" to identify you when you return to our website and to monitor our website to improve site performance. It allows us to recognize you and not have to ask you to re-enter the same information over and over again.

A "web beacon" is an object that we embed in our web pages and in our emails. "Web beacons" allow us to determine whether or not you have accessed content information on our website or if you have opened an email or text message that we sent to you. Web beacons allow us to perform analytics regarding our website and our communications with you.


Emergency 24 does not monitor or follow any browsers that set the DO NOT TRACK request. to identify you when you return to the website



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