The New Normal: Continuing Rise of Mass Shootings

Emergency24 News - October 2022

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Take Proactive Measures. Legislative Action isn't Coming Anytime Soon.

Did you know we're already at 300 mass shootings this year in the United States? You read that correctly and this year is on pace with last year's high of almost 700 active shooter incidents coast to coast according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Since the shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, IL earlier this year that left six people dead and dozens injured, fourteen additional mass shootings occurred during that long weekend. More shocking, over 100 since the tragedy at an elementary school in Uvalde, TX that left 19 children and two teachers dead less than two months prior.

Mass shootings involving four or more people - not including the shooter - injured or killed, have averaged more than one per day this year. Not a single week in 2022 has passed without at least four mass shootings. This upward trend is showing no signs of slowing down. There has been an increase from 611 in 2020 and 417 in 2019. From Sandy Hook to Buffalo and Uvalde, this is a decade of legislative inaction and failure. This means, change isn't coming anytime soon.

It's up to corporations, educational institutions, and other public organizations to take proactive measures to ensure their most valuable asset - their staff, their students - are safe and secure. Emergency24's suite of software and hardware offerings can do just that. Our strategic partnership with BluePoint Alert Solutions provides a two-way, multi-media mass-communication system that can shave minutes, maybe even seconds from first responder and police response times.

This proactive system facilitates real-time video surveillance access to law enforcement agencies and first responder dispatch using our proprietary software that helps quickly identify and counter threat profiles by activating immediate alerts. Our in-house team of software engineers developed this service that combines traditional alarm monitoring with an advanced communications platform and BluePoint's patented hardware and processes to improve the flow of information to and from building occupants, law enforcement, and first responders. The information exchange allows responders to better prioritize, coordinate and execute their response efforts more swiftly and more effectively.

This service is offered solely to Emergency24 dealers in conjunction with our strategic partner, BluePoint Alert Solutions. Give your end-users the peace of mind they need at a time when it is much needed. Find out more about our partnership with BluePoint Alert Solutions, here.

Emergency24's Active Shooter Solution is available now and if you would like to learn more, email us, or call (800) 800-3624.

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