Develop New Revenue Streams with Video Verification Monitoring

Video verification is one the fastest growing areas in the industry.

Emergency24 endorses CHeKT as a solution that is easy to implement and quickly monetized. CHeKT allows you to provide your existing customers and new customers with Video Verification and audible services. Whether that is using CHeKT as an account retention tool or as a means of taking over accounts, you can provide your clients with a much higher level of security monitoring services and reduced false alarms.


The CHeKT Bridge installation is as easy as installing zones on an alarm panel. Simply install the Bridge in-line with the current zones of your alarm system and pair the zones with a camera. The result is that Emergency24 operators can immediately begin receiving a signal from the camera and have access to the accompanying video when an alarm occurs.

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The CHeKT Visual Verification Bridge

The CHeKT Bridge allows you to pair local cameras to alarm panel zones. Pairing cameras with these zones gives Emergency24 Monitors access to see what caused an alarm to occur. Any zone type, any detector, and only when a panel is armed.

CHeKT has created the video verification solution you always expected. Because the Bridge is using an existing alarm zone and detectors, you can trust the alarm detection. When an alarm zone is tripped, the Bridge creates a pre and post-alarm video for the central monitoring station. The alarm signal is sent to the central station by your alarm panel and the central station software can access our monitoring portal within 2 seconds.

Using Video Analytics for an Active Response

Camera analytics, and specifically AI technology, have become increasingly more accurate. The CHeKT Bridge can convert video analytic events into an alarm signal for Monitor review and real-time response.

When alarm contractors are able to trigger detection from both physical detection zones and cameras with reliable analytics, they can quickly scale a traditional alarm system into a modern security solution. This allows security companies to leverage an existing alarm system and add cutting edge AI technology, ensuring an operator response to AI events.