Uplink is a Cellular Solution to VOIP

If your alarm dealer is relying solely on a wired phone line connection, a facility is not fully protected. With a simple snip, a monitored security system becomes nothing than a local-area alarm.

To prevent this, Uplink is an excellent option to choose. It is a wireless communications portal that reports all alarm and operational status and event messages generated by security and monitoring systems. Think of Uplink as a powerful cell phone connected to security systems riding on the reliable Numerex Networks. The alarm signal is relayed from the Numerex Network direct to EMERgency24.

That means if there is an alarm or status message, Uplink delivers the message over a dedicated cellular link to EMERgency24.

Uplink Delivers Significant Benefits
  • Reduced complexity and risk in the product development cycle
  • Faster time to market for end-user deployments
  • Reduced time to integration and network certification
  • Service and Network Plans that address the needs of the security marketplace

GSM is a Cellular Solution to VOIP

EMERgency24 alarm dealers have access to the established GSM network that allows the use of any compatible radio or Internet-connected transmitter allowing your telephone line to be by-passed for alarm transitions so all communication is done via the cellular network or the internet.

Connect24 is a Cellular Solution to VoIP

Connect24 is a secure wireless solution that is compatible with any control panel that communicates using the common Contact ID format. This VoIP solution transmits alarm signals directly to an Internet-connected receiver at EMERgency24.

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Prevent False Alarms

In most communities, when a burglar alarm is activated, emergency responders are dispatched to the home to determine the cause of the signal and check on the well-being of residents.

However, some cities are experimenting with a practice called Verified Response. That means monitoring companies or alarm-system owners must confirm there is an actual intrusion that requires police response. This policy is also referred to as "Non-Response."

As an alternative to this dangerous policy, the security industry developed a widely accepted procedure called Enhanced Call Verification (ECV), which helps reduce false dispatches while still protecting tax-paying citizens. To learn more about ECV, click here.