Develop New Revenue Streams with Remote Video Monitoring from EMERgency24

EMERgency24 brought remote video monitoring to the industry forefront by being the first company to synchronize the alarm signal with the video at the central station. Since then, EMERgency24 has developed several ways to incorporate video into a security system that best serves the end user. These include Video Verification, Video Guard, Video Guard Tour & Video Gate.

Incorporating video monitoring into an alarm system provides alarm dealers countless opportunities to go after new business and increase their Recurring Monthly Revenue. EMERgency24 supports systems that are suited for both interior and exterior applications and flexible enough to solve almost any security need. Plus, your customers can be assured of a priority response with video verification of the alarm event.

Video Platforms EMERgency24 Supports

  • Videofied (See sidebar at right)
    Browser based

Video Verification

Video Verification documents a change in local conditions by using cameras to record video signals or image snapshots. The source images can be sent over a communication link, usually an IP network, to EMERgency24 where monitors retrieve the images through proprietary software. The information is then relayed to law-enforcement and recorded to an event file, which can later be used as prosecution evidence.

An example of how this system works is when a passive infrared sensor – or any other sensor – is triggered, a designated number of video frames from before and after the event is sent to the central station. A trained monitoring professional then closely studies the output to identify for customers and police the cause of the signal and sends the data to authorized parties.

A second video solution can be incorporated into to a standard panel, which sends EMERgency24 an alarm. When a signal is received, a trained monitoring professional accesses the on-site digital video recorder (DVR) through an IP link to determine the cause of the activation. For this type of system, the camera input to the DVR reflects the alarm panel’s zones and partitioning, which allows the monitor to look for an alarm source in multiple areas.

Both camera hardware and listen-in intercoms have improved with each product generation, raising quality and lowering cost significantly. Also, because of advancements in information technology and data compression standards that allow much heavier loads of data transmission, video and audio devices are now commonly integrated into a building’s Ethernet system.

Video Guard

With Video Guard, the subscriber specifies a time that they would like monitored and the central station checks in during the specified time to ensure the validity of the transaction. The subscriber can also specify an event they would like to monitor (i.e., the depositing of money into a safe nightly) rather than a timed condition. The variables and the duration of time to be monitored are all customized to suit the needs of the client.

This real-time observation of events can potentially replace guard services and/or additional personnel who are hired to ensure the integrity of an event. Outsourcing the "check-in" provides additional safeguards that are not available with in-house verification.

Video Guard Tour

When a business or residence is unattended, EMERgency24 monitors can “look in” on any camera connected to the system and perform a video “guard tour” of the area to report exceptional conditions, events or unauthorized entry, potentially eliminating the need for on-site guard services. “Look-in” service also provides an additional layer of protection against collusion that is not possible via in-house verification.

Video Gate

After hours, on weekends or anytime a door or gate is unsupervised, images of anyone entering or leaving can be taken, transmitted and logged by EMERgency24, providing a history of everyone that enters or leaves the premise.

To learn more about EMERgency24, its array of services, supported technologies and how we can help your alarm installation company achieve its full potential now and in the future, call our Sales Department today at 1.800.800.3624.

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The Many Uses of Videofied:

The Videofied® wireless, battery-operated video monitoring system ensures your customers receive a priority response with video verification of the alarm event.

Perfect for both interior and exterior applications, the flexible Videofied system lets EMERgency24 alarm dealers develop niche markets by targeting potential customers in almost any vertical. Just by targeting your current customer list, you can create new revenue streams by tailoring the application to solve specific problems.

Do any of your customers:

  • Store fleet vehicles outside?
  • Leave assets, such as building materials, at job sites?
  • Drop ship equipment to job sites?
  • Work with utilities or store large amounts of metal?
  • Have a dumpster on their property?
  • Own multiple homes that are often vacant?
  • Live on remote acreage or complain about off-road vehicles?
  • Own businesses that store chemicals?
  • Have “squatters” that grow illegal crops?
Develop a Rental Program

Develop a new revenue stream by purchasing a Videofied system for rental use. Units can be programmed onsite, and installed near assets that need temporary video monitoring protection, such as a boat dock or seasonal use facilities for park districts, construction companies or other types of businesses.