Providing Superior Service

Alarm dealers choose EMERgency24 because of our reputation, but stay with us because of the fast reliable service we deliver to their customers. Below is a sampling of recent commendations we've received from our dealers and alarm system end-users.

  • A Chicago Monitor made a huge impression on a new alarm dealer who moved his accounts to EM24 after his old central station missed a signal with the Fire Marshall present. A second test at the same location was performed and the EM24 Monitor immediately called back with time to spare. The testing was successful, which allowed the large, recently built industrial facility to receive its occupancy certification. When the dealer called back after the test was completed, he was ecstatic. "This is exactly the type of customer service that lays the foundation to long-term relationships.
  • An alarm hardware manufacturer who was helping a dealer install a new technology called because of the service received from EM24 Technical Support. "He was outstanding to work with. He worked with one of the EMERgency24 operators and they both stayed late to help me get everything tested and running smoothly. I am very impressed. My co-workers and I will be referring EM24 to dealers.
  • A long-time dealer who has EM24 monitor her residence called to compliment a Detroit branch Monitor. "The Monitor was so quick to call to verify the validity of a burglar alarm and was so pleasant to deal with on the phone, I just had to call and voice a compliment. She is a breath of fresh air.
  • An EM24 dealer called because "one of my subscribers had an alarm and all of the calls were handled by a single EM24 Monitor. Afterwards, my subscriber called me and said, 'Thank you! My alarm system worked exactly as it was supposed to.' My subscriber was extremely happy, which makes me happy. I just wanted to say thank you for continued excellent service!"
  • An EM24 California branch Monitor was commended by the end-user for her effective communication skills. "Wonderful clarity on an answering machine message. Very direct, gave specific description and zone identification - not just numbers. The message contained useful information so that I did not have to call back to find out what happened in my home."
  • An EM24 dealer called to praise a Washington D.C. Monitor for her handling of a fire department test. "The response time was less than 90 seconds. Keep up the good work!"
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