Learn How to Minimize False Alarms. Community leaders can learn about ways to minimize false alarms while protecting citizens and businesses that provide your community's tax base. To learn more about EMERgency24, call our Sales Department today at 1.800.800.3624.

Fire Departments

Because a fire doubles in size every 60 seconds, the importance of quick response by fire fighters is essential for citizen safety and minimization of property damage. However, if an alarm system is not monitored, a fire will continue to grow…

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Police Departments

Police departments are the agencies most affected by false alarms. As such, their input as to how to solve the problem is weighted heavily - and rightfully so. There are several strategies in use today, but none is more effective than a false alarm ordinance…

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City Council

Across the United States, community leaders - mayors, village managers, council members and so on - have recently taken an active roll in how to help their communities preserve resources by reducing false dispatch of police and fire personnel.

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Chambers of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce & Community Groups Community business leaders should see to it that their town is operating in a way that keeps citizens safe and fosters an environment for businesses to prosper. Not only does this increase local tax revenues, but it also keeps more people employed, thus less crime.

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