Mobile Subscriber Notification

EMERgency24 alarm dealers should offer customers the ability to receive notifications via their mobile devices' text messaging capabilities, email accounts or both.

By encouraging end-users to receive mobile-device notifications, they will be better informed about the condition of their property and any signals coming from their alarm system regardless of their location.

Another benefit is that mobile-device notification will help cut down on false dispatches that most often occur when alarm-system owners are leaving a premise. This capability could help your customers avoid fines for false dispatches of emergency personnel.

Explain to Customers the Benefits

We live in a connected society that lets us know instantly of emails, Tweets and Facebook posts.

With urgency, many of your customers grab their phones or tablets to read a forwarded chain letter, learn about what their friend had for lunch or find out the latest celebrity gossip.

Those same customers would certainly want to receive instant notification of alarm events at their properties. Let them know that they can receive instant notification of signals, such as:

  • Arm/disarm system or alarms
  • Access to dangerous/restricted areas
  • Power/mechanical failures
  • Abnormal interior temperatures
  • Hold-up, panic or medical alerts
  • Chemical/gas alerts