Alert Customers of Mechanical Failures

When your customers’ life safety or assets are dependent upon the continued operation of mechanical devices, EMERgency24 has the capability to immediately inform onsite personnel and others from a call list about interruptions so that these situations have minimal impact.

Some Applications Include:

  • Device Activation: Alarm owners often need to activate systems or devices within the protected property without having to return to the premises. This function can be used for an array of devices, including garage doors and thermostats.
  • Notification of Power Failure: Power loss can be more than inconvenient – it can be costly and dangerous at some locations if the situation is not addressed immediately.
  • Notification of Moisture/Leaks: Water damage is responsible for 60 percent of all insurance property claims. By knowing when there is water detected, alarm owners can minimize the damage.
  • Notification of HVAC Water Trouble: Water can cause serious damage and interrupt business operations. Installing water sensors in drain pans and notifying the appropriate person can save thousands of dollars.
  • Sewer Pressure Switch Notification: Pressurized sewer systems use lift pumps to remove the waste product. Notification of pump failure can minimize damage and prevent potential health hazards.
  • Boiler Preheat Failure Notification: To ensure a building is properly heated for occupancy, boilers can have a contact installed to notify of faulty conditions.
  • Grill Hood Suppression Trouble/Discharge Notification: Alarm owners can learn of a grill hood discharge when it happens so to alert of emergency situations.

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