Since 1967, EMERgency24 has been a leader among Central Stations by streamlining the monitoring process. In fact, the company founder patented tape dialers and developed the first computerized monitoring system.

EMERgency24 remains ahead of the industry's technological curve by staffing in-house programming expertise that allows us to respond to almost any dealer need. That's why EMERgency24 consistently rates as the "most preferred" Central Station by alarm installation companies.

Further, EMERgency24 maintains the infrastructure to allow the industry's widest range of alarm monitoring capabilities. From sending signals over POTS lines or a cellular back up to alarms over-Ethernet or a radio-frequency network, EMERgency24 has a solution for all of your alarm-system installations.

Other reasons we remain the preferred Central Station is our ability to monitor 15,000+ panels that communicate in the industry's common formats. EMERgency24 continually invests to maintain a wide range receivers, from the archaic to the most advanced, to give our dealers more flexibility to satisfy the needs of their customers.

To help alarm dealers increase their monthly recurring revenue, in 2008, EMERgency24 developed a new service to help senior citizens continue to live independently in their homes. As the perfect complement to the company's LIFECard offering, EM24's new Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) will provide the reassurance that senior citizens can call for help at any time with the press of a button on a waterproof device worn as a necklace, bracelet or on a belt clip.

With constant access to medical attention, local police and/or the fire department, PERS from EMERgency24 is just what older Americans need to maintain their independence and remain in their homes, thus preserving their financial well being. As the U.S. population ages, PERS presents significant growth opportunities for EMERgency24 dealers in years to come.

A trained EMERgency24 staff member will announce that they have received an emergency signal. After discussing the situation, a quick evaluation will be made as to whether an ambulance is needed or if a call should be placed to a designated friend or family member.

Contact us today at 1-800-800-3624 to learn how EMERgency24 helps alarm dealers grow their businesses, expand service offerings and remain competitive in the security industry.

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  • Since 1967, EMERgency24 has been the central station technological leader.
  • The first computerized central station in the security industry.
  • The first central station to bring full redundancy to the industry by initiating a second independent computer.
  • The first independent central station to establish a second fully automated branch, and the first to create a Supernet of protection by linking these branches.
  • The first to develop an array of special services based on automatic number identification.
  • The first completely interactive software program, the Chicago Connection, to deliver full subscriber account data and history to our dealers' personal computers.
  • The first central station to offer a selection of services via the Internet. In fact, EMERgency24 offers the widest variety of IP communication formats to allow our dealers the most options when designing an alarm system.